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We’re an organisation that is more than just a run-of-the-mill business. We’re a group that are trying to integrate it all – commercial excellence with organisational culture, profit with purpose, growth with sustainability, all bound together into one lovely brew of social goodness. Our current mission is to “Create visibility for the things the world needs more of,” which means that we bring the knowledge of digital marketing and analysis to promote and develop services and products that will bring a positive change to the world. We try to fit the needs of both our customers and the world at large.


We are grounded in Integral Theory and aspire to operate as a Teal Organisation. In a nutshell, Teal organisations represent (currently) the leading edge in terms of social, moral and operational functioning and are radically different to how organisations normally run today. How are they different? Well, whereas most businesses operate from an Orange model, which champions dominator hierarchies, rigid rules and centralised decision-making, Teal organisations work with Self-Organising Teams, Wholeness practices and an Evolutionary Purpose. What this means in practice is that we’ve removed unnecessary hierarchies and focus on creating a supportive workspace so that each employee can act with empowerment, creativity, inspiration and authenticity.


Culture-wise, in order to be a Teal Organisation, we need a comprehensive method to structure our organisation and our processes. This method is called Holacracy. The company is organized in self-managing circles which are composed by different roles that have specific tasks and

View from the most outside circle (“Board”):

About Us Board


We place a huge emphasis on sourcing talent and promoting learning and development. Our self-managing organisation is a living eco-system of experts who pride themselves on exceling at what they do. For each client that we take on to help, there can be a team of anywhere from 3-15 experts all contributing to the best, most appropriate digital marketing plan for that particular need.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

We take social responsibility and sustainability seriously, and have built this into our purpose as an organisation. This manifests in a number of different forms, including collaborating on social projects, practicing sustainability within the organisation and working with clients who also have a social component to their work.


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