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Content Development

With technologies making it ever more easy to produce a host of different types of visual experience on websites, producing content now is about more than just writing a few descriptive words. It’s about engaging the people who visit your site and providing an experience that will create a positive association with your website and company. So content is becoming more and more about providing the best user experience possible. However, this does not mean we should forget written content. Having in-depth, well-written copy is still the most sure-fire way to help your SEO, since it pleases both visitors and search engines. Web content is not restricted to text. Search engines index audio/visual media, including video, images, PDFs, and other elements of your web page.

Below are some of the things we do as part of our Content Development.

Graphic design, multimedia development, professional writing

Kenekt Digital is specialized in content development. If you need a graphic designer, multimedia developer, professional writer, or someone who can create professional documentation, call us!

Technical content developers

Our technical content developers can also be technical writers who produce technical documentation that helps people understand and use your product or service. This documentation includes online help, manuals, white papers, design specifications, developer guides, deployment guides, release notes, etc.

How Does Our Content Development Service Work?

We first get your input on the initial ideas of target audiences and possible search terms. We try to get as much knowledge from our client from the outset, as this invariably improves results.

FAQs About our SEO Content Development Services

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a catch-all term that basically means any way of using content (words, images, videos that you put on your website) to attract more visitors to your website, business, social media page, etc.

What makes for good content marketing?

We think good content marketing boils down to understanding what audiences you are trying to reach, how you want to communicate with them, or how you might communicate with them in a different, or better way than others have been in the past. It requires both research and creativity.

Why does content marketing matter?

It matters because if you want people to reach your website, interact with it and then get in touch with you, you need more than just a few lines of descriptive text. Having a bare website nowadays, since everyone is almost used to having high quality experiences, even gives off negative signals.

What is not content marketing?

Literally everything that is not content marketing.

How can content marketing improve sales?

Having good content helps boost performance in SEO and Google Ads, and provides a good user experience which will help to convince people to choose your company for your product or service.

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