Outreach and link building

Outreach and Link Building

You’ve created great content, it’s targeting the right keywords and your site has no technical issues – all of which are great achievements. However, most of the time this is still not all that is needed to appear in the search results for the keywords that you would like. This is because aside from being about content, SEO is also about links. One of the most important factors determining which sites rank highest and lowest is the quality of links pointing to that website.

This is because search engine ranking is an editorial system. The main way search engines determine content editorial value is through looking at which websites are pointing links to your pages. You might wonder that if you’ve created generally good content, why does it not simply naturally gain links? This does happen on some rare occasions without help, but in the vast majority, content needs to be promoted and have people’s attention brought to it (in a respectful manner) before it starts to gain links naturally. This is why outreach and promotion on social media are so important.


Below are some of the things we do as part of our keyword research service:

Determine Target Audiences

To know the best route to take for link building, you first need to know who is likely going to want to read, link and share your content. This means its important for us to discuss with our client who they think are the customers they want to reach, where they discuss online (is it social media, forums, blogs?). We start the link building process with this, in order to ensure more success later on.

Audience Research and Analysis

Once we have a general idea of the audience we’re trying to reach, we need to conduct some analysis on the best areas to target with our campaigns. This involves using keyword research, social listening programs, and content tools, to understand which areas have most potential, and which people it will be most beneficial to reach out to.

Competitor Research

It’s also a great idea to check the link profiles of your competitors, to see where their links are coming from. Quite often they have links from websites that would also happily link to you, but which you might not have thought of. This can easily be achieved using link-checking tools, such as Moz’s Opensite Explorer.

Analyse Highest Potential Links

Once we conduct our link analysis, we will have a huge list of potential websites that might want to link to your site. We then need to decide which are the most valuable to reach out to. This is done using a variety of factors, such as: Domain Authority – which sites have the highest SEO rankings, and which will therefore pass the most SEO ranking to your website? Relevance, which links are the most relevant to your site? Collateral – which links have the potential to bring in more links or can be targeted as a group? Among many other metrics.

Promote on Social Media to Target Audiences

It’s becoming more and more important for SEO to promote your webpages and articles on social media sites, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or others. While it is still up for debate whether social shares have a direct impact on rankings, it is certainly clear that they have at least an indirect impact. We therefore like to promote content on social media through targeted strategies.

Outreach to Target Audiences

When we have the list of the websites with the highest potential, it’s then time to reach out. There are many “schools of thought” for reaching out for link building SEO, but we deal solely with respectful, helpful emails and not spam. For us, this is the most effective means, it leads to building relationships and promotes the value of your brand.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a method to research which websites have broken links (i.e. they contain hyperlinks to webpages that no longer exist) and then suggesting content from your website to replace the old link. This method is a win-win situation for both parties. The contacted webmaster no longer has a broken link, and we receive a link to our website.

Submissions to Relevant Directories

Submitting to directories can be very useful if done correctly. We steer clear of spammy SEO directories, and rather focus on niche and large directories that directly relate to your business. These links can provide SEO value, and also referrals, when done correctly.

Continuous Link Monitoring

We continually monitor your link profile to see what is working and where we’re receiving most quality links from. This allows us to update our strategy, to have optimal impact. We can also provide link reports on request.

How Does Our SEO Service Work?

The above steps will be completed by us, and we’ve refined our processes so that it’s as simple for you as possible. We first get your input for the initial ideas of target audiences and possible search terms, and the remaining steps are carried out on our own. At the end of our thorough keyword research service, we generate a keyword to page plan that shows clearly which keywords should be targeted on which page. It’s then up to us to create the content for these pages using those keywords.

FAQs About our SEO Link Building Service

What is a link?

When SEOs talk of a link, we mean the hyperlink that connects one webpage to another webpage, such as this. Link’s connect the World Wide Web together, and are one of the main signals to search engines of the quality of a webpage or website.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is also known as an external link. External links are links pointing to your site from another website, as opposed to internal links, which point from one page of your own website, to another page on your website.

What is linkbuilding?

Link building is the process of getting more external links pointing to your website. As noted above, external links are one of the key ways that search engines determine the quality of your webpage and website, and whether they should rank you higher in the search results. Link building can take many forms, but involves things such as submitting your website to directories, reaching out to webmasters of similar content and promoting your webpages on social media.

Why do linkbuilding?

Without having high quality links to your webpages, it will be difficult to rank for the keywords you would like.

How do you get backlinks?

The most surefire way to getting backlinks (external links) is to build great content and promote it. People are generally happy to link to high quality content.

How do you build relevant links?

In order to build relevant links you must first define your community and audiences and then build content. Those in your community will naturally want to link to similar content, because it is relevant to them.

What is a reciprocal link?

A reciprocal link is where you agree with another webmaster to link to each others’ sites. It is not encouraged, since if it is done in an unnatural way, it can lead to penalties.

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