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Personally, Im not a big fan of Social Media. Hell, I’m just a lowly copywriter working up a simple landing page an hour after deadline. I can’t say the same about our multilingual social media managers. Half social media fiend, half copy artist, all powerhouse marketeers. And they speak over 12 languages combined (including Orc!). They have everything you need to get real results (you don’t even have to log in if you don’t want to – I, for one, wouldn’t blame you).

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Our Multilingual Social Media Maketing Services

Account Management

Everything from daily content to responding to your community on all platforms


Targeted ads with the right copy and creative to get you outstanding results. Everything from Awareness Campaigns to hard-hitting Conversion Campaigns, social media ads are our bread and butter.


If you want brand awareness, posting daily is the way to do it. We source relevant, exciting content so that you cement your status as a trusted expert in your field

SMM Optimization

Any time the platform changes, so too must your pages and advertising strategy. Luckily, we handle that so you don’t have to.

What our customers say

when we’re in earshot

Chantel Wood
Working with Kenekt Digital is one of the best experiences I continue to have. The entire team brings innovative, genuine, and mission focused ideas to every interaction. No matter the project or conversation

Chantel Wood
Harry De Bont
Kenekt has built our website and gave it a modern look and feel. Our audience loves the design. Not only did they design our website but also gave more advice about related subjects

Harry De Bont

Have been engaging with the Kenekt team for several years now and they continue to impress with their technical knowledge, creativity and dedication to impact. Love the team and the

Hatim Baheranwala

Why Kenekt Digital?

Digital Marketing Services That Make a Difference

We’re an organisation that is more than just a run-of-the-mill business. We’re a group that are trying to integrate it all – commercial excellence with organisational culture, profit with purpose, growth with sustainability, all bound together into one lovely brew of social goodness.

Our current mission is to “Create visibility for the things the world needs more of,” which means that we bring the knowledge of digital marketing and analysis to promote and develop services and products that will bring a positive change to the world. We try to fit the needs of both our customers and the world at large.

Our cherished team

of snakes


Benevolent Dictator, In-House Spirit Guide

The Poster Children


Ginger, Possibly Magic


Not your average Social Media Muggle

The Beloved Nerds

Alex "Senior"

He's an analytics monster
Sergio Quinonez


We call it "Serge" Engine Optimisation


Finance master, (magic) bean counter
Tomas 2


Processtor (sheep-herder)


Adwords maniac, mess cleaner upper

The Workhorses

Digital Marketing Services | Digital Marketing Agency in Amsterdam

A Bear

He's not really part of the team, although we have asked

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