Good Intentions Counselling

Chantel Wood

Good Intentions Counselling

Working with Kenekt Digital is one of the best experiences I continue to have. The entire team brings innovative, genuine, and mission focused ideas to every interaction. No matter the project or conversation Kenekt Digital has a refreshing outlook and approach to business-to-business relationships.

Kenekt Digital supported GICS through a rebrand, they listened to our goals and values. Took our conversations and created a logo that is memorable and right on point on how GICS wants to be remembered.

They continue to expand and define GICS website, create impactful branding to implement across GICS platforms, and help GICS connect with their audience via our social media platforms.

If you are looking for a digital marketing support team, weather you have a distinct vision or don’t even know where to start, I highly recommend Kenekt Digital.

Greg is co-founder of Kenekt Digital and is interested in where business and social change intersect. He uses his background in Philosophy and International Development to develop new ways of marrying these two areas, and aims to build an organisation which is maximally responsible, maximally useful as a service, while at the same time fulfilling its function to bring wealth to its employees. He runs the company with his 2 best friends, who share his passions.